CastleLoc-C PEEK Cervical Cage

The CastleLoc-C is indicated for Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion procedures with anterior approach.

CastleLoc-C anterior cervical interbody system offers two footprints, a range of heights and both of anatomic / Lordotic (7°) to accommodate varying anatomy.

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  • Large Bone Grafting Spaces
  • Sharp Teeth : High stability with easy insertion
  • PEEK-Optima® LTI

CastleLoc-P Cervical Anterior Screw Fixation

CastleLoc-P is intended for anterior screw fixation to the cervical spine and indicated for use in the immobilization and stabilization of the spine as an adjunct to fusions. Optionally can be used with CastleLoc-C Cervical Cage.

The plates are available in lengths ranging from 19~97mm to accommodate one to four segments of fixation

The system also includes 3.5mm and 4.0mm titanium alloy screws which are available in lengths ranging from 12mm-18mm.

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  • 1~4 Level Anodized Plate
  • World First by introducing 1.7mm thin thickness with high patient’s comport
  • Rigid and Variable Screws available

The CastleLoc-P Anterior Cervical Plate System implants consist of plates and plate screws.

  • Anatomical Low Profile Plate 1.7mm
  • Reduced risk of dysphasia
  • Locking mechanism prevents pull out from plate up to 126N
  • All components are manufactured from titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) per ASTM F136

CastleLoc-S Posterior Cervical Fixation System

CastleLoc-S posterior cervical fixation system provides a comprehensive selection of poly-axial and reduction poly, smooth shank and fully thread screw to reduce the complexities of posterior cervical fixation.

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  • Top-loading poly-axial screws with friction heads enable simple construct assembly.
  • Self-tapping flute centers screw for easy insertion.
  • Instrumentation designed for both MIS and open procedures.

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