Individual Patient Solutions (IPS®)

The use of modern technologies opens up new options in the treatment of complex defect situations. With IPS®, KLS Martin offers high quality, holistic solutions for realising patient-customised solutions.

IPS® offers matched solutions for the computer-based planning of surgical procedures, the efficient design of customised treatment concepts and the realiation of these concepts in the operating theater with functionalised implants and planning aids.

With IPS®, KLS Martin has been the first company worldwide to enable the planning and realisation of patient-customised solutions on a single platform. Faster and more precise than ever before.

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IPS® Product Family

More than just patient-specific implants

Each of your patients is as individual as you are – like the cases you see in your daily practice. To ensure the best patient-orientated outcome there is often the necessity for individually planned implants, templates and guides in different materials.

With our Individual Patient Solutions product family we offer more than just patient-specific implants.

IPS CaseDesigner®

Intuitive software for planning and simulating surgical interventions based on individual patient data sets

IPS Gate®

Web-based platform guiding through the ordering, designing and shipping process in a safe and efficient manner

IPS Implants®

Patient-specific implants, templates and guides available in different materials manufactured with the latest technologies

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