SonicWeld Rx®

The SonicWeld Rx® system by KLS Martin is a revolutionary technique for use in craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis. It combines highly advanced ultrasound technology with resorbable implants to provide extremely stable fixation and completely eliminate the need for a second operation

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SonicWeld Rx® System

Easiest handling and attractive design for error-free working

The procedure is simple: resorbable meshes are heated up, shaped to fit the application site and then fixed in place with SonicPins inserted into predrilled holes. This is done with a sonotrode that liquefies the pins, thus causing them to bond with the meshes and penetrate into the bone cavities to anchor themselves securely.

The method is clinically certified and validated and very patient friendly as well. The implants degrade through natural hydrolysis in a controlled process. SonicWeld Rx® is primarily stable, convenient, fast, easy and safe. Designed for cranial fixation, ideal for pediatric trauma, and indicated also for cancellous bone structures.

SonicWeld Rx® System

The ultrasonic unit of the SonicWeld Rx® system converts electric energy into mechanical vibrations (ultrasound).

When using a standard sonotrode, the ultrasonic energy causes a phase change of the resorbable material at the interfaces between the bone and the SonicPins via friction. Thus the SonicPin glides into the predrilled hole. When using a smoothing sonotrode, the ultrasonic energy allows to smooth the resorbable implants (e. g. a membrane).


SonicPins are characterized by their unique geometry. The geometry guarantees maximum polymer outflow in the surrounding bone cavities during SonicPin insertion. Thus reducing the power effort for SonicPin insertion to a minimum.

SonicPins are available in two diameters:

■ green clip: Ø 1.6 mm
■ red clip: Ø 2.1 mm

Resorbable implants are available in various designs and thicknesses to give the surgeon options to match every indication. The holes of the plates and meshes are perfectly adapted to the geometry of the SonicPins. Thus the head of the SonicPin is optimally countersunk in the implant.

Resorb-x® and Resorb-xG Implants

Two resorbable polymers for osteosynthesis, PDLLA and PLLA-PGA, have been well-established in craniomaxillofacial surgery.

  1. Resorb x® polymer is a 100% Poly-D,L-Lactic Acid (PDLLA).
  2. Resorb xG polymer consists of 85% Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and 15% Poly Glycolic Acid (PGA).

Both resorbables maintain the majority of their strength for 8-10 weeks, allowing complete fracture healing and bone regeneration.

Xcelsior water bath

The Xcelsior water bath is intended for heating up resorbable implants for the purpose of adapting them to the patient‘s anatomical conditions (e. g. bone surface). Various templates are available that help to adapt the implants to the shape of the bone.

The BOS drill is a fully-fledged and universally applicable drill system. The battery tools do not require a charger or base unit and are always ready – wherever and whenever you need them.

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