LevelOne Fixation

KLS Martin’s LevelOne system offers you an innovative storage system for osteosynthesis in CMF surgery. It consists of basic modules, storage modules as well as color-coded packs of screws which are filled individually and can be combined according to requirements. They offer surgeons the option of choosing between preconfigured storage modules or configuring their own system. There are no limits to the configuration options.

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LevelOne Fixation Product Family

The innovative LevelOne osteosynthesis system

LevelOne – a coherent approach, which has become indispensable in osteosynthesis. The modules are designed for applications in the following anatomical areas or disciplines respectively:

  • LevelOne Cranium
  • LevelOne Midface
  • LevelOne Mandible
  • LevelOne Orthognathics

Plates and Meshes

The LevelOne system provides plates and meshes for the entire area of the skull and is matched for the corresponding requirements:

  • Pure titanium plates and meshes in a large variety of profiles and shapes
  • “Rigid Blue” plates made of titanium alloy


All screws are available in clip magazines that make charging, screw-picking and reordering an easy process.

maxDrive® screws are available as standard, emergency and drill-free screws in a variety of diameters and lengths. All screws are color-coded for easy identification


Matched to the relevant applications, color-coded instruments are available in a large choice for easy and intuitive handling. In essence this includes:

  • Screwdrivers and screwdriver blades
  • Bending and cutting instruments
  • Plate holding instruments
  • Drilling jigs and drills

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