Distractors and Fixators

Distraction osteogenesis is based on the body’s own ability to cause a fracture to heal and is described as the process of new bone formation between osteotomized bone segments that are gradually separated by incremental traction. Precisely, the process is initiated when distraction forces are applied to the callus formed between the two bone parts, and continues as long as these tissues are stretched; generally at a rate of 1mm per day. The traction generates tension that stimulates new callus formation and in this way bone is lengthened continuously.

Distraction osteogenesis offers many advantages over conventional methods of treatment:

  • No need for bone grafts.
  • Minimal risk of infection because vital bone is distracted.
  • Not only the bone but also the soft tissue is distracted, so that the new bone is permanently stabilized.
  • The results of the distraction can be reproduced.
  • Simple surgical procedure which does not essentially differ from standard osteosynthesis techniques used in CMF surgery.

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Cranium Distractors and Fixators

  • Arnaud/Marchac Distraction System
  • Kawamoto Midface Distractor
  • Cranial Vault Distractor

Midface Distractors and Fixators

  • TRACK distractors
  • Zurich Maxillary Distractor
  • Maxillary Telescoping Distractor
  • TS-MD distractor
  • Liou Cleft Transport Distractor
  • Rotterdam Palatal distractor (RPD)
  • Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)
  • RED II Distractor
  • Arnaud/Marchac Distraction
  • Kawamoto Midface Distractor

Orthognathics Distractors and Fixators

  • Rotterdam Palatal distractor (RPD)
  • Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)
  • Rotterdam Midline Distractor
  • Bologna Midline Distractor

Mandible Distractors and Fixators

  • TRACK distractors
  • Zurich II
  • Zurich Paediatric Ramus Distractors
  • Horizontal Distractors
  • Ramus Distractors
  • Mandibular Telescoping Distractors
  • Right Angle Driven (RAD) Distractors
  • Zurich Wood Distractors
  • Zurich Bidirectional Distractors
  • Ramus Transport Distractors
  • Threadlock Transport Distractors
  • Herford Transport Distractors
  • 3D Xternal Distractor
  • Molina Distractors
  • Rotterdam Midline Distractors
  • Bologna Distractors
  • X-Fix
  • Cranio mandibular Fixator according to Matthew

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